AI ARTICLES WordPress Plugin

Automate Blog Content with AI ARTICLES WordPress Plugin

Ai Articles generates a feed of blog content from an RSS link to your favorite publications.

Open Ai Tokens Required

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Create a Campaign

A campaign is the RSS feed source you want the Ai Plugin to continuously pull articles from and summarize or rewrite. 

Unlimited Campaigns

You can create as many campaigns as you want. For ex. lets say you did a campaign to pull News Stories about a Topic from major News Outlets. This would then summarize those news stores and repost to your blog. Anything you can grab an RSS Feed from, you can summarize and automatically post to your blog. 

Lifetime License

Unlimited use

One-time purchase

No recurring fees

Tokens Sold Separate

You still have to pay for Open Ai’s Tokens to be able to run this soluton. 

Instant Delivery & Download

After purchase you can instantly download the plugin to get started using it right away!

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