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Mind2Matter is one of the fastest growing, globally recognized IT companies in the industry, empowering businesses around the globe by building the tools and platforms they or their customers need.



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Get access to our talented in-house team from anywhere in the world.

We have team members spread around the globe in countries like: United States, Sweden, Egypt, Cameroon, Japan and Nigeria. As a team focused on custom web, mobile, and desktop development, our goal is to help companies build the tools, platforms, and portals they need.

Our team of in-house talent provide a one-stop-shop for agencies and brands who require reliable, cost-effective, and scalable solutions across a range of technical capabilities.

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We define the expected deliverables and work on fixed timelines and fixed budget with well-defined scope and specifications on all the projects. This approach does not allow for flexibility or changes in requests.

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Benefits to Hiring Mind2Matter

Statistics Brain states that 43% of U.S. Companies outsource software development to 3rd party vendors.

Some quick highlights to the reasoning behind this growing trend.

  • Cost savings (44%)
  • Access to larger pools of IT talent (34%)
  • Freeing up the workforce within the company (31%)
  • Improvement of the company’s business and/or customer focus (28%)
  • Fueling digital transformation (22%)
  • Faster project development (15%)
  • Access to the management expertise (15%)
  • Reduction of time to market (9%)


1. Cost Savings

Hiring full time employees, paying salaries, and benefits like health insurance is expensive, not to mention the cost of recruiting and competing against the Googles and Facebooks of the world.

Outsourcing gives access to top talent at a fraction of the cost. 


2. No Human Resources

Remove the recruitment process, training, and employee scheduling from the equation. By selection a vendor for your software development, all of that is taken care of by us. 


3. Remove Project Management Headaches

The effort to bring your company to the forefront of the ever evolving digital landscape is a time consuming and stressful project to manage. By having a qualified vendor that specializes in this field, you can focus on the higher-level strategy and vision. 

4. Resource Scalability

When unexpected challenges arise in software development as they often do, your in-house team can hit constraints when something needs redone, or the scope becomes bigger than expected. It’s difficult to have the resources needed to adapt, whereas by outsourcing to a vendor, you have access to more talent and a wider range of specialization.

On the opposite side of things, if your projects require less resources, you’ll be paying salaries for employees while they’re twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to do. By using a vendor like us, you always have just the right amount available. 

5. Specialized Skills

Software development covers a wide range of programming languages and skillsets. Your current development team might be skilled at one programming language but if you have a project that requires other specializations then you’re at a loss. An outsourcing agency like Mind2Matter, covers all of these areas and always has the resources you need. 

6. Big Tech Outsourcing

You might think its uncommon for big companies to outsource software development, and if so, you’ll be even more shocked to know that even the big tech giants like Microsoft and Google outsource to smaller specialized vendors because it saves them money and gives them flexibility when they’re ramping up R&D on new products or services. 
“Paul was amazing and got the job done fast.. very personable as well and fun to chat with. Highly recommend”


“Paul was a responsive communicator and completed the job within an hour of our initial meeting. Fast and effective freelancer. Thank you, Paul!”


“Very great communication and a pleasure to work with. Will do more business with him again for sure! The best person I’ve dealt with on Upwork and I’ve been around for a while!”


“Very great communication and a pleasure to work with. Will do more business with him again for sure! The best person I’ve dealt with on Upwork and I’ve been around for a while!”


“Again, Paul went above and beyond duty. He is a good value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”


“I’ve had a lot of technicians work on my different websites and Paul is absolutely one of the very best. He knew what I needed to do and got it done on time on budget and even went above and beyond. It’s seldom might give a bonus but I did give one to him.”


“Paul did a great job in our project. We started with a pretty good idea of what we wanted and he filled in the gaps with his knowledge and expertise. He is very creative and versatile. He is very responsive with good communication skills.”


“Paul communicated very well throughout the process, even working with myself who has only a mediocre background at best in understanding the tech world. He was proficient and completed what he said he would complete, which in this case was research on certain augmented reality capabilities. I would hire him again.”


“Paul knew exactly what was needed to make this project successful. His communication was excellent, and I will be using him for other projects.”


“Paul is great and very experienced. I was looking for an expert in dealing with ZOHO and he was the perfect guy for the job.”


“I urgently needed a problem fixed and Paul was on it, helpful and communicative. I’ll definitely be working with him again!”


“Paul has been extremely accurate in the timing and in the quality of a difficult job to add navigation and tutorials interaction to a complex decision support application. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone with a complicated requirement that demands a very detailed knowledge of Zoho Creator. Paul has also provides highly valuable insights and recommendations that enabled my to make additional enhancements on my own.”


“Paul did a great job setting up some APIs and advanced developing for my Zoho crm.”


Case Studies

Dreamy Kid

The #1 Kids Meditation App used by over 250,000 users worldwide. Dreamykid is helping kids live healthier and happier lives through the power of meditation.


Slyde is a scooter rental mobile app that operates in North Carolina. It allows people in the Raleigh-Durham area to rent scooters for easy mobility.

Dreamy Kid

The #1 Kids Meditation App used by over 250,000 users worldwide. Dreamykid is helping kids live healthier and happier lives through the power of meditation.
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