Free Developer Workshop

Improve your skills by joining this Free workshop that tests your abilities and gives you valuable feedback for how you can improve your skills as a developer and advance your career. May also lead to Full-Time Employment with Mind2Matter

Why join this workshop?

We know that when it comes to improving your skills, people always charge a Fee for courses and you leave feeling as if you wasted your money. We wanted to give people a way to improve unpon their abilities while also getting to do so for FREE. When you get more skilled at something, you can get more work and advance your career. What a better way to do so than joining a FREE workshop. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Including the possibility of full-time employment.

93% of workshop particpants are extremely satisfied with the experience and feedback.

“This workshop is very unique. I’ve never experienced anything like it and it was very personalized to me specifically and helped me learn so much. ”

What does this workshop look like?

Every participant is given a task:

  • We explain the task
  • You ask questions to understand it clearly
  • We set a timer for when you need to complete it by
  • You submit the work for the task
  • We review your submission
  • You’re then provided a detailed report of what you did well, where you made mistakes, and explanations of how you can improve. 

Investing in your skills helps with advancing your career. Getting detailed feedback for where you can improve is the only way you can achieve that. This is the Most authentic ‘Real World’ scenario to get FREE training. 

How much do Workshops usually cost?

Prices for software developer workshops can vary based on how automated it is. If its just a course on Udemy, it could be like $20

If its a real hands-on workshop where you get 1 – on – 1 training, then it could costs hundreds to thousands of dollars for that personalized training. 

Why invest in yourself?

Most people want to make more money, right?

The only way to make more money is to become more skilled at something. 

Improve upon your skills, you can do more work faster. People will pay you more. 

Its really that simple. 

We believe information should be FREE and we believe in helping people. 

We’re NOT Fake, this obviously HELPS us too. It makes it easier for us to Find or Create more skilled developers to join our company. Its Win-Win

4 tips for choosing the right Software Developer Workshop

Finding the right Workshop for software developers id difficult.

1. Determine the Skill you want to improve.

If the workshop is not for a Skill you have or want to have, then obviously it is waste of time.

2. Research the companies

Research who is offering the workshop. Is the organization or person behind it a legitmate person in this field? 

3. Check the Cost

Make sure its not some scam trying to ask you for money and then you find out it was a waste of money. Its really Rare that people give things for Free. 

4. Avoid companies that guarantee instant results

Anyone that Guarantees your Success is a liar. If they say you will make lots of money guaranteed, its 100% of the time a complete scam. How can they predict this? Only you can determine this based on your own motivations and effort in life. 

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