How we built Grandpa’s Faucet Web3 Project

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A cryptocurrency faucet is a tool that gives users of a blockchain a very small amount of crypto to perform basic transactions. Just like you need a stamp to send mail, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you need ‘gas’ . Gas is usually the native blockchain’s coin like Ethereum, BNB, or Matic.

Grandpa’s Faucet Challenges

These are the challenges Grandpa’s Faucet faced and how we helped overcome them.

IoT Connectivity

Slyde required IoT and BLE connectivity so users could walk up, unlock, and rent the scooters. Our expertise allowed us to flawlessly set this up for them.

High Billing

They were concerned that since their transactions were small amounts, they would always lose 30% per transaction. So we came up with a wallet system for them to bill higher transactions, thus reducing payment processing fee percentages.

Fast Maintenance

Due to the nature of this application, it required quick standby maintenance to maintain up time. We were available 24/7 to quickly resolve any issues ensuring Slyde had zero lost revenue.

How did our Fixed Price Model Benefit Grandpa’s Faucet?

As a startup, Grandpa’s Faucet had a fixed budget. We were able to complete their Web3 solution with a market ready MVP within 4 months.

“Mind2Matter team built exactly what I was envisioning. They made the process so easy to bring this to life.”



Grandpa’s Faucet Tech Stack

React Js

Node Js

Mongo DB




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