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We are an agency on Upwork and we noticed that it is so time consuming to search for new jobs posted by clients every single day. We wanted an easy way to know when a job was posted that matched our capabilities. We wanted a notification so that we could quickly send our proposal to the client as soon as the job was posted and have a better chance of getting the client.

We then realized, everyone on Upwork would want this software also. We decided we would let everyone use our solution because we can all succeed together, it does not need to be a competiton. There is enough work for all of us.

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How it Works

1. Sign Up 

2. Setup Keywords

3. Download Our App

4. View New Jobs Posted

5. Go To Jobs You Like

6. Apply To The Job

7. Refer Friends To Get More Keywords

Why Not? It’s FREE

What People Are Saying

Pankaj Kapoor

Pankaj Kapoor

Developer Agency Owner

” We were spending so much time searching for jobs in Upwork and this app has made it easy for us to save time for find better jobs. Its Great! “

Tayyab Ali

Tayyab Ali


” Guys, this is really good for finding jobs. I can keep working without having to search Upwork for job. I just get notification when there is new job to apply. I love this solution. “

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed

Marketing Agency Owner

” If you are using Upwork, you need to use the Work Alert app. You are wasting your day searching for jobs. I highly recommend this for everyone using Upwork. “

Why Not? It’s FREE

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