Need Zoho Maintenance?

We provide monthly Zoho Maintenance to help you keep your systems up and running. We provide any fixes , updates, or consulting that you need. 

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Our Monthly Service

What We Provide You

24/7 Support

We work around the clock to ensure we’re always there for you. 

Fixes & Updates

We’ll fix any Zoho issue, perform any update or change you require.


Zoho Consulting

Sometimes Zoho is busy and you have questions needing answered. We’re always here to answer those questions and provide our expertise.

  What People Are Saying


They built our CRM and we got their maintenance plan too. It was so worth it. Had an issue with a new Zoho Update and they fixed in within 24 hours

John Pendergrast

Digital Unison

I've been working with Paul for years and he always takes care of everything so fast. I never have to worry.

Jacob Marcotte

QuickPitch Call Center

This is an outstanding company, I highly recommend their maintenance plan. It helps me sleep at night knowing if anything happens they can quickly fix it


Owner of Digital Marketing Firm

Are you needing monthly changes in Zoho?

Do you wish you had someone on standby to fix anything?

Do you have quick questions about Zoho each month?

Get Zoho Monthly Maintenance!

Quick Fixes & Updates = Saving Time & Money

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Zoho Maintenance

About Mind2Matter

Mind2Matter is a certified Zoho partner, specializing in custom work-flow management software, websites, apps, and graphic design. First started in 2017 by Paul Elliott, a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in building, streamlining, and scaling businesses in several industries. He initially assembled the Mind2Matter team to build a social commerce platform in partnership with Google, Napster, and US Bank. He then decided to monetize the team by forming it into an agency. The entire Mind2Matter team has a strong passion for technology and providing value to society. This combination of passion and talent provides an unrivaled level of quality and customer satisfaction to all who work with them.

Want Zoho Integrated?

Our Process

Deep Learning

First we take the time to do a deep learning of the workflow of your business. 


Then we develop the software you need to streamline your workflow.


Once development is completed, we’ll create a custom training program.

  What People Are Saying


"We needed a new CRM system and we decided on ZOHO. Paul and his tam did a great job getting us setup"

John Pendergrast

Digital Unison

"Our call center was looking to setup Zoho for managing our leads and Mind2Matter perfectly delivered. "

Jacob Marcotte

QuickPitch Call Center

“My company was in need of setting up a CRM as we're growing so quickly and mind2matter helped us get it done at a great price”


Owner of Digital Marketing Firm

The Values We Live By

What We Believe In


Out team continuously learning, to remain experts in their specializations. 


Consistency in our words matching our actions.


Our customer service and work exceeding expectations.


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